My blog is important for me in the life of Su-zhou. In fact, I rely on my blog psychologically. As a fulltime mother, I am secretly proud of what I write down.

I myself want to read the article again and even after time passed by, therefore, I want to record the joy and happiness, instead of annoyance and complaint. In case anything negative happen in my life, only when it turn into something funny then I maybe write it down. It means, for the disturbing situation that I have not yet figure out, I choose to keep it in my heart remaining silence.

Recently I got the dilemma: I do not want to have angry words and it makes my life looks like full of joy, however, peace and love is not always available.

In one word, ANGRY, I am not in the writing mood.

My fire is set up so I go exercise and home-made sweet. What a healthy way to ease my anger. For the days I stop updating my blog, I kept thinking what should I write for?

I still want my blog be there for the joy of life,

Life does suck in some way; mine is different from yours. By any means, I still try my best to turn happiness out. Happiness is not always something original, but maybe in the end, after we go through the whole challenge, I hope it might be there.

Thanks for the blog, I do feel the warmness. I will keep moving in my life.

Checking my previous blog articles, I did complain in some way. Maybe my negative message is not successfully delivered, or people just want to read what they are interested in. Then, I found blog can help me not only to remind the pleasure moment, but also to do the statistics in order that I can figure out my life as more objective and rational way then the subjective and emotional way. 

Blog helps. 


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